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Il sito Blogsome offre un servizio gratuito di hosting per piattaforme Wordpress, attraverso un sottodominio del tipo "http://tuosito.blogsome.com".

E' una buona alternativa per coloro che vogliono avere Wordpress con uno spazio web autonomo senza dover registrare un dominio proprio.

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At 4/11/05 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonimo said...

Yeah Wordpress rocks, I recently switched.. I'm trying to find a cool template that I like.. so far i like the one i have now - anyway, my blog's url is www.theblahbrain.com I've got a page rank of 4 [if you know anything about page ranks and search engine optimization] and 309 pages indexed in google.. unfortunately it isn't more than that... anyway...you've got a great blog here! -Paul

At 8/12/05 8:26 AM, Anonymous Army said...

Excellent site, enjoyed my visit! I will be back soon!


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