Symantec AntiSpyware

Dopo Microsoft, anche Symantec ha deciso di valorizzare le proprie offerte attraverso un AntiSpyware. Il software non verrà rilasciato a parte, ma integrato nel prodotto targato Symantec di maggior rilevanza, denominato in questo caso "Norton Internet Security Anti-Spyware Edition 2005".

I prodotti Norton sono gia noti per il loro notevole consumo di risorse, forse sarebbe stato meglio presentare il software distintamente, ma anche in quel caso dal punto di vista concorrenziale sarebbe stato alquanto inutile poichè esistono gia prodotti totalmente gratuiti, molto validi e consolidati come ad esempio Ad-Aware SE, SpyBot S&D e Spyware Blaster.

Dunque questa scelta si può interpretare come l'intenzione (e ripeto, l'intenzione) da parte di Symantec di migliorare ancora una volta il proprio software di maggior rilievo, rendendolo ancora più completo (ma soprattutto più pesante) in modo da assicurare un grado ancor maggiore di sicurezza (peggio di cosi...)

E possibile scaricare gratuitamente la versione beta, dopo una breve registrazione, a questo indirizzo (Windows2000/Xp). La versione commerciale definitiva sarà disponibile dal 1 Giugno 2005.

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Microsoft-Google battle heats up

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Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer has denied the claims, saying they are a "gross exaggeration of what actually took place".

The statement is the latest salvo in a bitter legal battle between the firms.

In his sworn statement, Mr Lucovsky - a key Windows architect - alleged that Mr Ballmer hurled a chair across the room when he informed him he was moving to Google, before launching into an abusive tirade against Google's chief executive Eric Schmidt.

However, Mr Ballmer has dismissed the claims.

"Mark's decision to leave was disappointing and I urged him strongly to change his mind. But his characterisation of that meeting is not accurate," he said in a statement.

Bitter row
The row between the two firms was triggered when one of Microsoft's vice presidents, Dr Kai-Fu Lee, was hired by Google to set up a research centre in China.

Microsoft claimed the move was a violation of a one-year non-compete clause in his contract and began legal action against the search engine giant.

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The group has been moving further into the software arena - most recently with the launch of Talk, a service which lets e-mail account holders talk to each other via a PC, microphone and speakers.

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Microsoft won the first round of the increasingly bitter battle between the two firms in July, when a King County Superior Court judge issued a temporary order barring Mr Lee from carrying out the duties he had been hired to do for Google.

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